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Production & Postproduction

We take care of every stage of a project from start to finish. Project analisis and development, production planning, budgeting, scheduling, location scouting, casting, 2d or 3d visual development, and all the cutting-edge filming techniques and technologies. We have editing and postproduction rooms and we can finalize every kind of video and audio format.

Content development & Direction

For all kind of productions Ardaco can handle every aspect of content development and film direction including research, script writing, previsualization, and project presentation.

Table Top

Ardaco since 10 years has developed a big experience in direction and shooting details in high speed, becoming one of International leading Table Top specialist. Thanks to our strong know how and experience, we can organize all aspects of a Table Top production and postproduction from a single frame to a complete commercial.

Executive production & Service

We can assist local and International productions who want to shoot in Italy, progressively in every step of their projects. We are strongly established in the cities of Milan, Venice and Florence and we can operate everywhere in Italy.

Cultural projects

Between his missions Ardaco aims to transform film projects into real cultural crossmedial projects, capable of generating new representations in different contexts. A film can then become an exhibition, a web project, a book, a music project and much more.

Promotion & Distribution

Ardaco over the years has developed an important know-how to enable filmmakers to meet their public. A work aimed at bringing the works on cinema screens but also in the virtual cinema of the web, through a careful use of social and traditional media.

About Us

We live with images.

We talk with images.

We play with images.

Images always carry meanings and emotions with them.

We work for advertising, TV, cinema, digital web content, graphic artwork, cultural projects and events.

Ardaco is based in Milano, Venezia and Firenze.

Every image is a great story to tell.


ARDACO | Image Players

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